Mini Denver!


I went out and shot some photos of Denver today and I’ve been needing a new background for my monitors so I thought I’d see what I could get. I also decided to play with the tilt-shift blur effect new to Photoshop CS6. (Click here to view it full size, outside of the lightbox.)

The AllPoints Advantage microsite


Here’s a microsite that I created for AllPoints as an extension of this brochure. Again, I wanted to take the look of the company to a new, clean look and I feel that this turned out really well. This was also my first real attempt at using PHP.

AllPoints Advantage microsite

LoyaltyPlus logo and microsite


LoyaltyPlus is the customer rewards program from AllPoints. This was another microsite built through Pardot. Long story short: it was much more complicated to put together than it should have been.

LoyaltyPlus microsite

AOSP Status – changing the look of my phone


Here was a new and interesting project for me. I love tinkering with my gadgets; I build my own computers, put custom software on my camera, and root (unlock) all of my phones and tablets to put custom software on them. I decided to give theming a shot on my Android phone since I didn’t like the way the status bar and notifications panel looked. I was aiming for the aesthetics of the stock Android look that you don’t get with phones out-of-the-box from the likes of Samsung, HTC, and, in my case, LG. Below you’ll see some before (left) and after (right) images of what I did.

I had to start by first pulling the chunk of the phone’s software off of it that “draws” the status bar and notifications panel (technically it is an app, so you can think of it as that). I then had to decompile (sort of like uncompressing) it so that I could edit the files. Most of the differences can be seen in the images used. I pulled the ones I needed from other phones’ software and then resized and modified them as needed. The other part of the project was editing XML files to move objects, change colors, and remove or add items as needed. This was a little trickier as I had to figure out the structure and language of Android XML. Luckily, it’s somewhat similar to HTML and I figured a lot of it out after some playing around. After I got to a good breaking point, I had to recompile everything and flash it back onto my phone to see if it would work. There was A LOT of trial and error and there were many times where after booting up my phone after an install, it would crash and I would have to go back and figure out what it was that I broke in the XML. I released multiple versions and updates to the public for others to use, the forum and thread can be found here.

Tech Talk logo and microsite


Tech Talk is AllPoints’ live-session training program. The microsite was made through Pardot, which is a service designed to create email templates and simple landing pages for tracking purposes. Making an entire site (albeit small) made things a little bit more challenging than it should have been. All of the HTML and CSS was written from scratch, but creating the pages and getting everything to link while managing all of the files completely through Pardot was where things got tricky. The individual event pages are made through Eventbrite, which needed to be hacked (for lack of a better description) with a slew of HTML and CSS in the “custom header” portion of the page design WYSIWYG to make it resemble the rest of the Tech Talk site. Luckily, it turned out pretty well.

Tech Talk microsite

AllPoints Winter 2013 Flyer


The little flyer that couldn’t. This flyer was in full production until about week before sending it to print until our holding company announced that it was acquiring a rival competitor and that we would not be allowed to market to dealers anymore. Yeah. The announcement put a halt on the whole flyer program for us. To try to salvage it, we stripped the pricing in it and turned it into a digital-only guide (sort of).

View the .pdf


Team Codefire logo


I put together this concept logo for a group of Android developers that go by the name of Team Codefire as a sort of appreciation for their (unpaid) work. Unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere.

JetForce brand


JetForce is a sub-brand of AllPoints. It’s main focus is the manufacturing of cooking equipment gas hoses, but also redistributes commercial kitchen sink faucets and kitchen timers. This was a logo and brand guide that I created for it.

View the .pdf

AllPoints Fall 2012 Flyer


So, I’ve just recently switched over to Tundra’s sister company, AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies, which has their marketing team at the Tundra location in Boulder. This was is the first major piece that I’ve put out for AllPoints and just happens to be yet another flyer. A little bit different product offering and market, so things are a little different than the previous Tundra flyers that I worked on (skeuomorphism at an all-time high!). 80 pages; everything but the individual AllPoints ads was done by me.

View the .pdf

Brian Aragon | M.Silhan Skate Promo


I filmed and edited this piece for Razors Skate showcasing team rider Brian Aragon in a pair of their just released Mathias Silhan pro model skates. I take no credit for the intro animation.